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great pics!

גני אירועים

Great photo graphical post. I like your way share photo in particular style. Thanks for this one.

Emma at The Marion House Book

Aren't they lovely, Tilda? I really want one of these for my home.

Tilda B. Hervé

@emma: i'm absolutely in love! and if you have some more informations about, i would like one for my home too... !


Thank you for posting our pictures, you have a fantastic blog! Just wanted to let you know that the pics of the renovation have not jet been posted because the house is still under construction. The images on the Marion House Book are of our old house. Stay tuned for the images of 53, hopefully early in the new year.

Sharlene - Telephone Booth Gallery

53 Indian Grove photographs and books by Ginger Sorbara and Greg Pacek are available through the Telephone Booth Gallery in Toronto. http://www.telephoneboothgallery.ca/contact11.html

Tilda B. Hervé

@ginger: i'll stay tuned for sure!! thank you for the hint!
@sharlene: thank you for the book informations, not good for my wallet, but for my soul!

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