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wauw, you have a lot to do this year. My new year resolution is to relax more during Finn's afternoon nap. Especially during the coming true period of his teeth.

PS What a great junior bed!


:D i would love to do your new years resolutions instead of mine! i just bought a scale and was surprised of the number it showed. Think i can cover it by dressing up a little more :D


excellent programm!
and beautiful selection of images, i love that wooden bed, where did you find it?
(i'll have to ask my cabinet maker to make one for my yet unborn baby girl when she'll have outgrown her crib...)
i don't usually take any resolutions but i guess this year is special, as i'm 8 months pregnant, the tsunami is fast approaching and will transform life as we know it, i've been told!!!!
i really like your blog, thank you+++

Tilda B. Hervé

thank you!
miranda*** hope everything is ok in netherland!! number 13 & 14 are still waiting, I hope Loïc get the teeth before india... ;-)
jokemijn***perfect solution, could be an idea from me!!! ;-)
cecile***first of all congratulations! the last month is so cool, enjoy it!! i was 30kg plus and life was so easy slow... ;-) the wooden bed is from milkmag, but i think you can do that by yourself and don't need a cabinet maker... i'm working on a diy book for new mama's... deadline december 2011... wish you all the best for you and your babygirl!!


I can't wait to see some of your new year's resolutions realized - your updated blog, that fabulous junior bed, and your backyard (we must do that too). And India! I'm so jealous.

Tilda B. Hervé

i think this year will be relaxter than last year, more time for details and finishing... and as promised, I'll send you the bedroom pictures from our home (wallpaper is finished!!) as soon as possible... india will be a lot of work, but I hope also that I can find some inspirations, and yeapp I'll skype every evening with my husband and son...


Hi Tilda, it would be great if you can help me out with a question. I looooove to death the pendant lights from the 'build a junior bed by myself' picture.
Would really appreciate it if you can guide to any kind of information about it so i can find them.
Here's s my email sorinacatuna@yahoo.com

Thank you very much, have a beautiful day :)


גופי חימום

Awesome post shared by you. I love these pictures. It's really amazing. I never see such pictures.

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