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normally I only post a comment when i like an article on a blogg... but you are right, actually critics could be more helpful! Thx!


I didn't quite get this? Was the "Boo-comment" ment for the blogger, or some comment that was left on the post?
Anyway, my belif is that constructive critique is necessary for development, and so is also appraisal. Political blogs seems more open for discussions, while design and lifestyle blogs usually have more friendly comments... But I enjoy the positiv vibe of our blog community; its inspiering, positive and unjudgemental - and were do you get that in real life? ;-)

Tilda B. Hervé

dear monica. I also enjoy the positiv vibes in designblogs and I think it is an extra to reallife critics.
>> the boo was ment to the critic commenter.

Emma ::emmas designblogg::

In the beginning of my blogging "career" I tried to leave comments that would start a discussion or just make people think a little. But that wasn't very popular... For some reason only positive comments are allowed in the design blog community. I find this quite boring sometimes, but other days I can totally appreciate all the positive feed back that goes around everywhere.

I myself would love to get a little contructive critisism on my blog. What if I get lost on a track that none of my readers appreciate? Or if I write about something that is really bad in one way or the other, without me knowing it?

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